1979 C 20


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1979 C 20

I have a 454 that if it sits for a couple of days without being ran you have to pump the pedal and crank the "H" out of it. I have rebuilt the card, a Q jet , gave it a tune up and nothing fixes this. This surely isn't a 454 problem is seems to be a fuel problem. Is it possible for the fuel pump to cause this? If so what is the trick if any on changing a big block fuel pump. It does'nt look like the same trick to hold the pump rod in place as a small block. any help or ideas would be great.
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take your carb off remove the base plate and jb weld up the the float bowl well plugs, it is common for them to start leaking with age and will cause the vehicle to be hard to start due to no gas in the carb after it sets for a day or two, let the jb weld cure a good 12 hours before reinstalling and putting to use.
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Make sure the choke is working correctly, the carburetor is in good health and the vehicle is in a good state of tune. All basic measures.

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