1987 dodge caravan se fuel pump problem


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Angry 1987 dodge caravan se fuel pump problem

i am having problems with my van . the fuel pump comes on when it wants to and now not at all . when you get in the car and turn the key you could hear the fuel pump come on . then the car would start . then it started to become interminitant, had the car towed home . it sat over night . tried to start it and
what do you know. it started ok. it worked for a couple of days then stoped ,then worked again . now it wont start at all ,i mean the fuel pump, no humming and car wont start . i canot find a fuse to see if loose nor a relay for the system. someone said a relay is over the drivers wheelwell. but they are labeled for something else. someone must of worked on the car and labeled to troubleshoot the car i was told if you can hear thwe fuel pump come on its not the pump but someting else electrical ie fuse relay since i cannot locate either maybe some one can tell me where ther are if i have them thanks for anyhelp . yes i tried the over the counter maint book for my van but they dont show them or a wireing diagram on the fuel pump system to use as a trouble shooting aid.
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this model does not have a fuel pump relay , but uses an auto shut down relay and is located along the drivers side fender it powers up the fuel pump along with the ignition coil and several other things. there is a connector along the unibody frame that is located about under the drivers door the wire coming from the relay that powers up the pump should be dark green with a black stripe if you have power here while cranking you likely have a bad pump.
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fuel pump problem

i have found the relay, and i is confused .i took off relay cover to see action. if i disconnect the relay and reconnect it , with the key on,the relay will make the contact then unmake them .they do not hold down. i have disconnected the wires to the fuel pump but it still will not hold the contacts down .even though i held the relay contacts down i didnt hear the fuel pump come on . with wires reconnected of course i now have the car up on four blocks four jacks stands and two floor jacks .ill do what i have to .but am hoping i dont have to pull tank.i am stumped. can i put voltage to the fuel pump at the disconnect , near the rear tire well. the driver side of gas tank, to see if pump is ok and how would i do that.what should i read on the contacts on the auto relay i have a three connector with one drk grn and one red that i think goes to the fuel tank , they are the wires to the contacts. and two blue/yellow and one single with two blue white wires that goes to the relay windings any voltage readings and grounds will help to tell me if everything ok with the wire to the relay.and possibly help to solve this puzzle thanks for any help.
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2 things come to mind on Caravans. MAP sensor and distributor pickup. Especially the pickup. If the onboard computer does not "see" a spark it will shut the fuel pump down. Believe me, because it happened to me once on our '90 Caravan,which I discovered after I changed the fuel pump..... With the MAP sensor it will usually will start but will stall without reason.... But if you're saying that you do not hear the pump building up initial pressure you may want to try jumping it out to see if it will in fact work. You may need a schematic to determine the right wires though. Good Luck.
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I agree with Toni.

Jump out the pump and see if it runs. If not, the pump is wiped out, time for a new one.

Do you have spark all the time?
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Don't fret over the job if you do have to replace the pump. It's not hard at all, unless your tank is full. Then all you do is drain it first. Just remove the 2 15mm bolts that hold the straps on at the rear, while you have a jack holding the tank up. Then lower the tank enough to disconnect the lines, turn the lock ring on top of the fuel pump and pull it out.

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