fuel pump diagnosis 1993 chevrolet lumin eurosport


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fuel pump diagnosis 1993 chevrolet lumin eurosport

I recently ran out of gas, in my 1993 Chevrolet Lumina Eurosport, and about four days later my car sputters and dies out, and will not allow me to accelerate. I also hear the electric fuel pump in the rear on a constant basis, and it is louder than before. Does these symptoms sound like a faulty fuel pump ?
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When you run out of gas with a fuel injected car chances are you will fry the fuel pump. Find the fuel filter and disconnect it and get something to hold the fuel if it does come out. If you have no fuel you'll have to change the pump. Also change the filter while you're at it.
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I have heard this story (or variations on it) before. What causes the damage when a F-I car runs out of gas, and why is this unique to fuel injected models rather than carbureted ones?
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you could just have a blockage in your feul line.when you ran out of gas the sedement in the bottom of your fuel tank would have got into the lines.
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well most carburated cars have mechanical pumps that usually run off the camshaft , fuel injected cars have electric pumps, usually in the tank runing out of gas can usually damage the pump due to two reasons.
the pump has no lubrication when its pumping air so damage to the internal vanes is likely, and the pump is submerged in gas to help it run cooler if you like to run the tank down to empty your fuel pump is getting hotter than the person that fills his tank when it gets to the 1/4 mark.
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thanks for answering that question. i've wondered about that, too.

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BeJay is right on the money.

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