93 Ply Voyager rough idle in cold, bad mileage


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93 Ply Voyager rough idle in cold, bad mileage

Hi, I have a 93 Ply Voyager with a2.5 4cyl engine. it has 98,000 miles it starts just fine but after 30 secs. it starts running rough and it runs rough till the engine warms up. i am only getting 11 to 12 mpg. On May 21 2001 with 81000 miles i had the fuel injector replaced and fuel pump regulator replaced because the van was not running good. Four days latter i had a tune up. New dist. cap, fuel filter, air filter, dist. rotor, ignition cable set and new spark plugs. In the fall of 2001 the car started running rough again. I took the car back to the repair shop but they said they could not find a problem. I brought the car home and it still wasn't running well. Then I took it back to the repair shop and they cleaned the cooling sensor, but they said they couldn't find a problem. When I brought the car home, it ran fine until June of this year and then it started having the same problems again, running rough when cold, but running better after it was warmed up. I ran the self diagnostic turn key method and came up with a trouble code of 52, which says the Oxygen sensor signal input indicates rich air/fuel ratio condition during engine operation. When the car is running rough, there is a black substance on the ground under the tailpipe.
I think that covers all the problems. Has anyone else had any experience with this sort of problem, and can anyone help me figure out what is wrong. Any help would be appreciated.
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does the engine use any coolant at all have you ever checked to see if the coolant level remained full over a couple weeks?
the 2.5 is bad about cracking heads and getting coolant into cylinder which will usually cause a miss at a cold start up and then clear up, and it will also cause o2 sensor failure.
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Before you condemn the cylinder head and/or head gasket, have a look at the MAP sensor & its vacuum line, as well as the coolant temp sensor & fuel pressure regulator.

A Haynes manual ($12-$15) or an Alldata DIY subscription (~$25/yr.) will outline specific test procedures & specs for each component.

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