Water In Fuel


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Water In Fuel

My son in law's 2000 Mercury Mystique wouldn't crank the other day. (Out of warranty) It turned over fine, but wouldn't fire - no problem running the previous day. The fuel was below 1/4 tank and he was parked on a slope, so he added some gas from his lawn mower can. It finally fired up but just barely ran. Black smoke was coming out of the exhaust indicating it was running real rich. Whenever he put it in gear it would die. He had it towed to a local Merc/Lincoln dealer who called him up later and said that they couldn't find anything mechanically wrong with it, but it had water in the gas. They said that the water had fouled the spark plugs and they could replace them for $200. Since this seemed a little steep, my son in law opted to do it himself. This long narriative is being written to ask for suggestions as to what should be done at this point. Are the gasoline additives which are supposed to help remove water in the fuel effective? Also, I assume the filter should be replaced. Does anyone know where the filter is located in this car? Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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i,m presuming that for $200 they would drain the fuel,clean the fuel lines with an compressed air line and then fit new plugs.thats what should be done in this case.
if so there price is sounding more reasonable.
they should also clean or replace the fuel filter for you.
you still need to ask them how the water got there in the first place(probably from around the filler cap).
i,m not quick to recommend that you run to a garage but in this case i would.

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