1996 Voyager, Fixed!!


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Thumbs up 1996 Voyager, Fixed!!

This is in reference to my Voyager that kept giving me fault codes for cam sensor, coolant sensor, (and did'nt run!). I (along with several techs from work!) started tracing wires in the main engine harness. We found a connector 'hiding' behind the intake plenum,(it apparently is the injector harness) that was SOAKED in oil!! After cleaning this out (NOTE: Chrysler apparently doesn't beleive in weatherpak connectors OR dielectric grease!) the car started, but not for long! Several of the wires in the mail harness had been stretched (by an earlier mentioned, poorly designed trans. kickdown lever) to the piont where several of them had begun to break. (only on the inside, the insulation looked fine!) The only way we were able to find this was by probing the wires every 3 or 4 inches andwiggling them until the signal changed! The wires were repaired, the old ECM pligged in, and the car started (without cruise or coolant gauge.) Looks like the intermittant short fried some of the circuits in the unit. The new one was reinstalled and everything is working fine. Thanks to everyone who helped me!
(P.S. The connector behind the intake has been replaced with a weatherpak style and ALL the other connectors now have dielectric grease in them!!
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Glad you got it fixed & thanks for getting back to us?

Mind telling me what dealer you work for? I live just outside Wilmington & you may have a new customer.

Feel free to email me direct at [email protected]
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Thumbs up

Good job! Fortunately you had the dealer resources to help you as this is key.

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