hot plugs

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hot plugs

OKay, my 92 Rodeo has an intermittent startup problem, engine would crank over and start and sometimes it takes longer putting strain on the starter and battery. I think my injectors could be flooding into the manifold, I don't really know how to check this unless I remove a spark plug, right? anyway my original question was if hotter plugs was in stalled than the basic ones would this help to get the engine running sooner and light-off if my manifolds were flooded? By the way diagnostics was accomplished no codes were identified, had manifold heat sensor and idle aircontrol valve replaced, and injectors cleaned by the pro's. One more question my starter has taken a beaten, I can hear she is petering out, almost time for replacement whats the difficulty level, do I have to remove exhaust pipes, crossmembers, etc.....thanks
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Closed post. Repeated and answered by me (and others) above.
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