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Thumbs up Joe F. and Knuckles

I worship you guys! Thanks for all your hard work!

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It actually said Datssingle SUCKS!! In fact, I should grow up!!!!

They claim to help people and actually do. What a novel idea! Bravo, keep up the good work guys .

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What Datsingle really meant was:

"I'm a troll with zero automotive knowledge and I act like a child. I provide no value to this forum. I am also quite argumentative and shoot my mouth off with nothing to back it. Additionally, I cannot, when challenged by Joe F, come up with anything of value that rivals either his signature file or the work done here on this forum. I'm the one wearing the dunce cap now".

Notice: Datssingle will be banned from this forum. That's on the way.

How's that for freedom of speech?

You're a bug on the windshield and guess who's getting squashed?

Sucks to be the bug, huh, Datssingle?

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