std. vs. auto.


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std. vs. auto.

I'm told the standard stick trannie has at best a 5% fuel advantage over the newer automatics, and the fuel savings are cancelled by the requirement of a clutch within the average
(100K miles) working life of the car.
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I'm not sure of all the stats concerned, but I would believe that average savings would be based on driving conditions. Lots of stops/starts, rush hour hold ups, etc. Also hilly areas. I haven't noticed any fuel usage differences between the Cavalier (automatic) and the Honda (5 speed).

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Automatic transmissions have come a long way and are almost as efficient as slushboxes are.

Considering that most don't need service for the life of the car (if the fluid is maintained properly), there are les advantages for buying a manual transmission.

However in a sports car, there is nothing like a stick shift. Take it from one who knows .
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Agreed with the above. I have owned a number of manuals and automatics over the years. The older ones (autos) used a bit more gas but not enough to cry over. And when you consider that most automatic cars nowadays get 30(is) miles per gallon (4 banger Accords, Stratus, Focus, etc...) the who cares about 1 mpg?

And again, agreed with Joe. For driving fun (especially in a sports car) that you will be taking corners the way Rosie Odonnell takes a chocolate sundae, then the manual is the way to go.

Oddly, for hot rods (like those 400 hp GM pickups, Monte Carlos, Cutlasses, Regals) the automatic is the tranny of choice, especially a 400 turbo.
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ahhh. another classic auto vs stick arguement.

I completely agree with the above 2 posts. The reason that hard core racers like autos is because of the rock solid consistencies they can turn at the drag strip. People racing stick have a lot of different variables, and one slip up can mean the difference of tenths!

Now adays it is pure preference. I read somewhere that the new corvette auto is so efficient, that it is only 1 tenth of a second behind the stick! now that is efficient.

I follow a general rule. If your car is built to drive fast and hard, and you will see a lot of street use, go stick. If you buy anthing else, such as any economy car or whatever, go auto, it is not worth the hassle of rowing through gears.

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