AM Radio Interference

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AM Radio Interference

For 2 of my cars, when the engine is running there is a great deal of interference with the AM radio reception. With the engine off, the stations come in great. I saw in a previous thread the comments about the spark plug wires. Both cars have had the wires replaced in the last 2 years. The cars are a 94 Saturn SL w/Twin Cam and a 95 Caravan 3.3. Is there any way to correct this? Thanks!
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I used to have a similar problem with my FM radio in a Chev Pickup. It wheezed, and the tone of the wheeze varied depending on the RPM level the engine was running (high RPM=high pitched wheeze).

A buddy of mine told me to buy and install a "Crossover" to filter out the sound, said they were like $25. I haven't the foggiest how to install one. If you're good with auto-electrical stuff you can probably do it by instructions included (if any).

Call a car audio place near your area and ask them if a Crossover would help on AM radio if you don't get any info here.

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a crossover seperates the Lows from the mids and highs, so you can direct only the bass to your subs, and direct the mid and high range notes to your smaller speakers. Maybe they also help with interference?

I know that your average electronics place sells filters, just ask, and it might help. I have heard that different types of spark plug wires can do this, you may want to look into some interference free plug wires.
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Just replace the condenser. This is a capacitor, usually located next to you voltage regulator. It should prevent your problem. Use to have this problem when the only thing you had to listen to was AM.
Also, you may want to go out some night, to a nice dark area and pop the hood on your car. While it is running, if there are any plug wire arcing, you will be able to see them. Seen a few cars that it looked like a high priced laser show.

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