Please Help ASAP!!!!!!!!!


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Unhappy Please Help ASAP!!!!!!!!!


I have a 1996 Chevy S10 and I need to put a new starter in. I'm in a bit of a pinch since I'm a student with no money. I just bought a starter and I feel that since I'm pretty smart I can install it on my own! But I dont know where to begin. Where is the starter located? What tools do I need? And where do I began? Please, anyone who knows anything about starters please help.
Thank You!

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sam mcbroom
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OK, sis lets do it.
first, the guys at Aurozone will test your battery for free, just
to be sure that this is the problem.
The starter will be located under the engine, at the rear, where
it connects to the transmission.
You will have to get under the truck to get to it. be sure it dont
fall on you, people have died there.
you will need a few end wrenched, and a socket set, but it is
a pretty straight forward bolt on job to do. probably only two,
no more that three nuts or bolts holding it in place. Use the
same nuts to put the new one on.
There will also be an electric wire going to it. bout 1/4 or 3/8
inch diameter. only one nut will hold it on. caution: do not let
the bolt turn when you put it back together. there will be
a nut on the brass bolt, where it comes out of the case.
use one wrench to hold it still, and another wrench to
tighten the nut that holds the cable.
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Check the autolibrary link as I have it bookmarked below.
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Disconnect the battery
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Just wanted to add a few tips to this one.....First, look at the starter you purchased,for a few reasons, to know what to look for when you get under the truck....and also to get a feel for where the bolts are......on some starters one or more bolt holes are out of sight.
Second.. make sure the truck has sat for while,you'll be close to the exhaust system and its way to easy to get a bad burn.
Thirdly......depending apon the yr of may have to move the down pipe for the exhaust out of the grab a can of WD-40 or something to cut thru the rust.

And last, but certainly not least,

This isnt a race, if you get frustrated....stop....walk away for a few seconds then go back to it.

Without knowing the underside of your truck I'm not able to give you perfect instructions......But you shouldnt have any problems.
Good luck,

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