Resurface Rotors


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Resurface Rotors

E150 Ford Econoline Van - I had the rotors resurfaced only once when I had new pads installed @ 15,000 miles. Now it's time to replace the pads again and my mechanic is telling me that I need new rotors since one rotor is thinner than the other. Is this a fact? How thin is thin?
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Your mechanic could be right. There are certain specs that are on the rotors, specifying how much it can be turned b4 replacement. When you take your car in for a brake job, it is typical to have the rotors turned as well. It is not, however necessary. One way to tell is if you step on the brakes to stop, and the pedal vibrates, then they could be warped and need turning. usually, if you are in a hard financial crunch, you can skip it. I have kept rotors that were grooved like the grand canyon. (not advisable)

If they are not warped, and not grooved from metal on metal, it is your call what to do.
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have him show you

Have him show you the readings and the allowable limits.What might of happend is the time before when you got them turned they might of been borderline.I myself never have them turned unless they are a little warped or have gouges in them.In my view you remove service life if you turn them when not needed.But he might be right it could be too thin to turn.The good news is rotars are not that much.
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Rotors have 2 thickness specs,machine to and discard,rotors do not need to be replaced in pairs because of thickness variation between both sides.If it is above machine to specs with allowable tolerances it can be machined.Some years of Ford vans had problems with heat cracks in rotors however.You could do this yourself it is one of the easiest repairs on a vehicle.

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