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A 1987 plymouth reliant 2.2 tbi. My proplem engine runs fine and revs when cruising or not under load. When engine is under load even a small hill it will miss and no power. I don't suspect a fuel problem if I can kick down to a lower gear the engine will rev if not too much of a load. I am going to check the coil and map sensor tomorrow. Would appreciate any other suggestions on what could be causing this. Thankyou
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I'd have a good look at the secondary side of the ignition system. That is, cap, rotor, wires & plugs.

They're all cheap to replace & they're all maintenance items anyway, so you might as well just replace them all for starters. ALL are prone to failure on these cars & ALL can cause the problem you describe.
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Just wanted to say thanks to knuckles for the suggestions. The problem turned out to be the timing was too far retarded. I diconnected the coolant temp sensor and it ran fine then advanced timing and disconnected and connected positive battery cable and everything is fine now. I just got the car and looking at it the plastic cover for the distributer they got one screw off and it looks like they pulled the cover back for access to the right distributer cap screw doing this must have moved the distributer out slightly retarding the timing. Thanks again for this service.

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