Honda Predule clutch problem - pls HELP


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Question Honda Predule clutch problem - pls HELP

For the last 2 days the clutch on my Honda Prelude (manual gear transmission) has been a bit too soft when I press it down to change gear. Also sometimes I have trouble going into 1-st gear or 2-nd gear. Any ideas or suggestions re: what could be the cause and possible solutions would be much appreciated.
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Year of Prelude? Mileage? Last time the clutch was done?

etc, etc, etc, etc. Could be anything from a worn clutch, bad fork or bad hydraulic cylinder.
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and how would one

go about checking their clutch adjustment?

We don't even know if the poster's car has a hydraulic or cable clutch.
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This forum has rules and guidelines. One of them is posting the requested information.

Until your name appears as moderator of this forum, you'll follow the rules and guidelines Knuckles and myself have established.

Now if we have the needed information from the original poster (that's why there's a big READ THIS FIRST BEFORE POSTING banner at the top of the forum), we could help.
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if its hard to change gears, im gonna guess throwout bearing. your synchros could also be bad.
as far as softness, ever bleed it?
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I've got one SVT. It's brains, grammar, spelling and a clue that YOU need.

Continue to spam my forum and you and Datssingle can play dunce in the corner.

Again, when the forum has your name on it, you come here every day and answer all the posts and log in over 10,000 under your name, we'll talk shop.

Until then, grow up and stop being a troll like your buddy Datssingle.

We all know what happened to him. Shame, isn't it?
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Thumbs down PLEASE give it a rest, SVT.

Your automotive knowledge is either minimal or outdated. I've checked your post history:

-under normal operation, glow plugs ignite the air/fuel mix in a diesel engine

-tighten your self-tentioning belt

-it's not a bad fuel pump, you have crud in your fuel line

-check your clutch adjustment but I won't tell you how

-install a choke kit on an EFI engine.

- pick a fight with joe

-pick a fight with joe

-pick a fight with joe

Please, give advice where your knowledge is relevant (perhaps the chats n whines forum, they seem to like you over there) and stop spamming and wasting bandwidth.

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Why would I kick off Otter? He's in the know and has a clue. He's also a very good contributor to this forum.

Please don't assume what I will do and not do. It makes you that much more ignorant than you've already shown this forum you are.

Help me understand the difference between a guy like him and a guy like you?

We can start with your grammar, attitude, and spelling. They plain suck. The attitude problem is what gets me. You've already struck out, so have a seat on the bench. We'll then take your automotive knowledge into play now.

Now, I'm all for folks learning. That is why they come here. However, when you cop an attitude and don't have a clue what you're talking about, and try to craft fights with everyone here. All you manage to do is give me a collosal laugh.

Datsingle is gone, are you trying to follow suit?

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Send him on over to me! Us girls just love whiney men
We'll have a skirt on him in no time.

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hey troll, I mean SVT

I'm nobody's puppet. In fact if you check MY history you'll see that Joe and I have had difference of opinion - and it's stayed civil - imagine that!

Re-read your post history, no misquotes there.

Behave yourself, sit back and watch and you may learn a thing or two.
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Additional Info to my original posting

Firstly, thanks to all who took the time to reply.

Additional Info:
The Model of the car is Honda Prelude 2.0 SI
Year 1988, Two door, 106 Km. The gear transmission was changed 3 years ago ( at least that's what Aamco charged me for).

I inspected the car and did not see a wire for the clutch and therefore I presume it is a hydroulic clutch or may be I just couldn't see the wire (if it is not hydraulic).

I just found a small plastic sylinder right next to the the break fluid cylinder and I filled it up because It was totally empty. Since then it seems to me that the clutch got back to its previous state. It is hard enough and I have the pressure as I had before.

I haven't taken the car to a mechanic as it since I bought the it four years ago, I change the oil every 3-4000 miles and car is running fine.
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That's your problem. The small cylinder is the clutch master cylinder. If it's dry, it probably leaks. That would explain the poor clutch performance.

It is therefore a hydraulic clutch.

Replace the clutch cylinder (and slave cylinder if so equipped), bleed it, and you should be OK.
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problem solved :-)

A big thank you to Joe and all who relied.

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