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Question Parking Brake

This is a very dumb question but an answer is needed to settle an argument. On any car with a standard transmission, is the parking brake suposed to be used when the car is in parked? I was under the impression that when you park the car, you put the parking brake on, now I have been told otherwise and I would like to have some confirmation...

Thank you.
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Depends somewhat on the terrain. Here in SW Fla hardly anyone ever uses a parking brake whether stick OR automatic (no hills). If you are parking on any kind of incline it's always safest to set the parking brake. Transmissions have been known to pop out of gear.
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its being parked on an inclined driveway
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if the car is a standard (manual) gearbox you should always use the parking brake when not in the car.
when parked on an incline you should always have the added protection of having the car in first gear in case the parking brake should slip.
if parked next to a kerb ,whilst on an incline, you should also turn the steering wheel full lock towards the kerb.
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that is excatly what i thought.

thanks all.

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