'99 Dodge Caravan Transmission


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'99 Dodge Caravan Transmission

This Caravans only got 68,000 "easy" miles & the automatic transmission has quit shifting (again). It stays locked in (I think) second gear. I understand this is a normal safety function for this car. At the same time, the speedometer stopped working as well. The transmission fluid is perfectly normal. It's very clean with no signs of burning or contamination.

This "no shifting" problem occured once before (5 months ago) but the speedometer was working. Mechanic replaced the input sensor, flushed the transmission and changed the oil.

Can some one tell me if there is a direct connection between the "no shifting" and the speedometer? Are these failed sensors another case of "Inept Chrysler Engineering" or just bad luck?

Your help will be very much appreciated.

Best regards, Dick
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there is a good chance that they are associated with each other since they both occured at the same time, and both the transmission and speedometer are computer controlled.
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Early 4 speed overdrive Chryslers were notorious for giving up hope fast. That was in the old (1995 and older) generation minivans. I do not think Chrysler has improved much .

Have you checked Alldata.com for relevant bulletins? First place to start.
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Hi Bejay & Joe F,

Thanks for your replies.

Bejay, other data I've found confirms your belief that this transmission & speedometer are computer controlled.

Joe, Alldata shows some TSBs but nothing that sounds like what I'm seeing here. They include Range Sensor production change that preceeded the build date of my Caravan, Speed Sensor Loss of Cruise Control & DTC P1714 Stored in Memory. Others are for Oil Cooler Line Clamp revisions, Gasket Reuse & Case Porosity Leakage. No transmission recalls are posted.

Best regards guys, Dick
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You could have your codes read a trans problem like this should set a code.I suspect an output speed sensor.If you have a failed sensor in the trans it will not shift because its in default mode.
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Hi Davo, Thanks for the reply.

I'll be at a transmission shop tomorrow morning. Getting a "Check Engine Light" now so they should be able to check it out OK. Will let you all know what they had to say.

Best regards, Dick
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I agree on the speed sensor as being a likely fault. Would have to have codes read to be sure, but its not an uncommon problem.
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Thanks Guys,

Your input was correct! Transmission shop here diagnosed a defective speed sensor. They installed
a new one & the transmission road tested just fine.

This forum is "great stuff". Several times now, I've been able to get really good advice regarding my car problems. Please keep up the good work.

Best regards, Dick
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Thumbs up

You're welcome and glad it's fixed. Bravo!
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This may be a little late advice, but on Chrysler, Dodge , Plymouth auto transmissions, If and when you have the fluid and filter changed, make sure the shop uses a genuine Mopar filter, and that the fluid is ATF +3 or +4.

DO NOT LET ANYONE PUT DEXRON in it. Even though the dipstick may say Dexron.

These transaxels are VERY sensitive about his.

You will be looking at a rebuild.

I hope this helps someone.
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Hi Jukes,

Thanks for the reply. Actually, the transmission was flushed, the fluid & filter changed about 4,000 miles before this sensor died. Since the mechanic I used is very good & reliable, I have faith that he used the right stuff. The color of the fluid is red!

Best regards, Dick

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