crankshaft position sensor???


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crankshaft position sensor???

My last post was in July about my 1993 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE 3.3L. At that time Transman2u suggested checking the crankshaft position sensor because my transmission had been out several times. My problem was stalling when hot. My hubby finally got around to removing the crankshaft position sensor. It did not have the spacer which transman2u said was important. There was no spacer and the electrical connector had been mishandled. The electrical prongs were still in tack but the casing around them was broken off. I am planning to order a new one but I had one more question. Would this missing spacer cause this intermittent stalling and not restarting? I can drive short trips (less than 10 miles) and have no problems. I can even drive further some days with no trouble, however the next time I dare make a trip the same route it will stall. To recap it usually stalls when slowing to a stop sign or light. There have been a few times lately that it will restart and be fine. Last night we had just pulled in driveway and it died and would not restart until this morning. Do you all think the crankshaft position sensor could be the underlying problem?

P.S. Thankyou transman2u for the info
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i believe what you are reffering to as a spacer to be a piece of cardboard that normally comes with the new crank sensor but may be a seperate item if purchased at dealer. this piece of cardboard is scraped off once the engine is started leaving the proper gap between sensor and flywheel fins, sometimes when sensor is removed such as when doing transmission work they may have not of used a spacer when they reinstalled it leaving an incorrect gap or possible even damage to the sensor or flywheel fins.
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Hi guys,
The new crank sensor I ordered came in today. After church we ran by to pick it up, boy does the old one look shabby beside it. Tomorrow my hubby will install it. I'll keep you posted on the outcome.
After I posted yesterday I did a web search on crankshaft position sensors. According to what I read they are a common cause of stalling. Is this true? If so why would the dealership I went to not think to check it? ( maybe a question I should ask them!) Anyone got any more info on these sensors or installation tips?
Thanks everyone!
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Yes, the sensor will cause such woes....

Try the autolibrary link below in my signature file for some ideas on how to install the sensor.

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