89 Honda Accord Engine Trouble


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Steven Swaim
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89 Honda Accord Engine Trouble

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From: "stevenswaim" <[email protected]>
Date: Sat Sep 7, 2002 10:07 am
Subject: 89 Accord

My son's 89 Honda Accord started an engine knock. I thought it might be a valve, but I know nothing. We parked it because I didn't have time to deal with it. Now its 3 months later and I had it towed to a garage. They said the engine was locked up (it wasn't when it was parked) and that it would need a new
engine for $2700 dollars. They only had it half a day so I don't
think they did any real looking. Didn't remove the pan, valve
covers or anything like that. Shouldn't they do something like that
before saying it needs a new engine? Is there anything I can check, ha ha, or that I should know before talking to another mechanic somewhere?

I appreciate any advice. I doubt the car is worth $2700.


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well they dont normally require disassembly to determine the engine is locked up, but im sure they would be happy to charge you to take apart the engine and see exactly whats wrong, but in most cases when a lower end part comes apart it usually destroys the crank and even the block so it will be of little use and not rebuildable.
you might get some more estimates on replacing the engine or even get a second opinion. but it may be a good time to send it to salvage.
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I agree. Simply starting it up (if it runs) and listening will tell you if it's wiped.

They could turn the crank by hand with a breaker bar and if it doesn't move, you have your answer.

A used engine might be an option, but I would say the car is not worth the effort unless the rest of it is mint.

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