Tire Cost - Yokohama


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Tire Cost - Yokohama

It's been a long time since I had to purchase tires. I was interested in the Yokohama Avid T4 tires. I saw a price online of $60. Of course this didn't include balancing, stems and installation. When I called a local (I live on the east coast) distributor, he said with installation the cost would be $90 per tire. Does this sound right? From what I have been told Yokohama tires are not a high priced tire, but have good reviews.
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darrell McCoy
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Tires can be bought considerably cheaper on web, however take the 60 bucks, add tax, S&H, installation fee's, old tire disposal, etc. I cant see where it is worth the hassle unless you can do the installation yourself. IMHO I dont see where you save that much.
Sometime you are reluctant to get a tire place to mount tires purchased elsewhere. I get uniroyals installed locally and it is cheaper than me buying off net. And then having the hassle. My 2 cents.
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I agree. Price around with different places and compare. Bulky items are not things to buy online .
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Tire Cost

I had no intention of buying tires online. I just wanted to get an idea of what this particular tire cost. Therefore, when I was quoted $90 by local distributor versus the $60 online, I thought is the difference in price due to balancing, stems and installation? So my question is: Should I figure on an extra $30 per tire for installation, etc. That sounds a bit high to me. And BTW there is no state tax where I live (Delaware) so he wasn't figuring that in the equation.

Can anyone in my region recommend and/or tell me what I should expect to pay for decent tire. I expect to keep the car for no more than 2 years and put about 18,000 miles on per year. The tire size is 215/60-15. The car is a 1999 Chevy Malibu. It has more rattles than a baby.
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Any local tire dealer in your area should be considered. Chains, Sears, any local dealers, etc.

Shop around and ask them for quotes including mounting and balancing. Pick up the Yellow Pages and go to town, that's the best way.
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i would say on average you would likely pay 10 -15 dollars per tire for mounting, balancing and new stems. but i would not consider the 60 dollar online price even relevent cause how much would you have in them after paying shipping.
your best choice would be as stated before and just shop around for the lowest price.
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Copy & paste this URL to your browser. It shows tire shops that will install tires ordered from tirerack.com., along with the prices they charge for mounting/balancing/disposal.


Tire Rack has a distribution center in Newark, DE & shipping won't kill you. You can save a bundle buying online vs. buying from a local tire store or chain, especially if you're buying performance tires. The savings isn't as great when buying cheap tires & it may not be worth it. The URL I posted should give you enough info to compare costs & decide which option is best for you.

If you decide to buy locally, check out Tire Sales & Service in Stanton. They're in the 1st State Industrial Park, behind the Movies 10 on DE Rte. 4. They've always treated me well.
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Tire Cost - Thank U Knuckles

Thank you Knuckles for the information on the Tire Rack distribution center and the Tires Sales shop in Stanton. I am familiar with and nearby both locations so I will definitely checkout these options.
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12-15 dollars per tire is accurate for mounting and balancing.
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My mustang has a 225/60/15 tire which is similar to what you have, just a little wider. A decent/good tire costs easily over 100$. I just replaced my 2 front tires with good(decent) tires, and it ran me a littler over $200 out the door.
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