plug wires


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plug wires

Just installed a A/C Delso set of plug wires on my '77 formula 400 4spd. Reason was two fold--one wire to #7 cyl. was shorting--not enough to cause performance prob.--and they were Motorcraft wires--one of the few things the orig. owner ever changed on this car--it still has the oem tires! Anyway, I thought that by going A/C delco--I would keep it "closer" to original--cheaper than going to date coded wires. Problem is they fit poorly for a $43 set. #6 wire is tight going over the valve cover and they do not have the "tits" on the dist. end that fit into the retaining ring on top of the dist.--they do work ok--just thought maybe you guys know of a better fitting brand?--Joe F? The old motorcraft set actually fit better--but one was bad and I ruined another pulling it off a plug!
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Jacobs Electronics

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All of the wire sets are now consolidated. Stay away from aftermarket wire sets that "promise" performance. They are hokey and a waste of money.

I have a set of Accels on my "project" (parts) T/A and I took them off. They're terrible. I put a set of aftermarket style grey Packard wires and they are fine.

As I recall, Delco set 608V is for this Pontiac 400. Delco had some errors in their wire catalogs a few years back. What part # did you use?

I also remember paying a lot less than 43 bucks for a set of Delco wires . Delco has really gone down the tubes in some ways .

If you go to a GM dealer, you can get the individual wire part numbers and "Make" your own set. They are likely consolidated now too.

Fortunately I have the ORIGINAL ignition wires for my 79 T/A (yes, the 1979 set!!) so I could make up my own set if I so desired.
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Try They specialize in unique and racing applications, but also sell sets for everyday vehicles at an affordable price.
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Yea, I used part# 608V--the catalog at the store was new and listed 608N for that year 400--but all other 400 and 350 pontiacs used 608V--so assumed it was a screw up and bought the 608V. And yea they were $42.99 at a "discount" outlet. I may just take them back and get the cheapos--if their gonna fit like crap might as well use the cheapos $13! Are you telling me I can order these from GM each? Where do I get part #'s?
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As I said, don't count on them being what they were in 1977 .

The GM parts book has the INDIVIDUAL wire leads which can be ordered. They are called single leads. However, the # you get is likely to be different than the # you order.

I just ordered two battery cables that have the same # as the 1987 parts catalog and they are not the same in apperance, but the numbers are the same!!!

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