kia sparkplugs


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kia sparkplugs

is there anyone out there besides moderator joe "not so" cool that can answer my question. his smart a__ reply was under the hood. No Da. i really thought they might be found in the differential. The correct answer would be very much appreciated.
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easy there, big fella

Probably under the engine cover.
This is not a smartass answer. Open the hood and look at your engine. The "engine cover" is a removable decorative cover that gives the top of the engine a clean appearance. This cover is removable, giving access to things such as spark plug wires and spark plugs. Not familiar w/kia so I'll mention that IF you have distrubutorless ignition, all you'll see is ignition coils directly above the spark plugs w/no wires.

I'm surprised that your owner's manual wouldn't give instructions and / or diagrams. May want to check it.

PS. Flaming ain't so cool
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Actually, you need to learn to read a bit better. What I gave was the smart part of the answer. Since you fired off a post with out reading my reply properly, the _____ part is you...simply look in the mirror on that one.

Once again, as mentioned before, Kia has a FREE parts catalog (same as the dealer uses) on their website. If that doesn't help you or give you the answer, time to close the hood and step away from the vehicle. Time to get it professionally serviced.

First rule of thumb in auto repair. Read directions. First rule on this forum: No one owes you squat. Second rule: Flaming "ain't" cool, like Otter stated. Third rule: Tangling horns with me is a sure fire loss in the bag for you .

Additionally as Otter repeated, the engine cover is correct.

Might want to read my posts and replies a bit thoroughly before replying there, champ.

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