1985 Toyota Tercel


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Susan Bailey
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1985 Toyota Tercel

Don't know alot about this car, it was given to my daughter.
***like I said 1985 Toyota Tercel, 5 speed, over 100,000 miles
The problem is with the shifting. It started out ok, but then developed a problem going into 1st and 3rd gear. Checked fluid and it was fine. After sitting for an hour or so, it shifted fine again.

I know this is not alot to go on, but it is all I have. If you can help.....fine, if not, no problem.

God bless America,
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Take a look at the mechanism under the shifter on the underside of the car. Make sure it dosen't look like something is broken there.

If it looks ok, spray up the unit with a good penetrating oil. You may have to spray it a couple of times over a few days
(the bushings on the shifter bind up)

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The problem could also be internal (worn clutch, bad synchros, etc).

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