Ignation key keeps breaking


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Cool Ignation key keeps breaking

I have a 1997 Ford Aspire two door and the ignation key keeps breaking. My son and I are going to try and fix it but we are not sure were to start looking and so far I haven't really found any thing that will help me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I assume the key is breaking in the lock?

Where are you having keys made? It might pay to have the dealer make a key. The locksmith could be using a cheapo blank, but it's likely some resistance/interference with the switch which makes you have to apply excessive force to the key.

Spray liquid "lock ease" graphite into the lock and on the key and work it in and out many times. That will lube the lock and hopefully flush out any dirt that might be causing it to bind. If that fails, change the lock.
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do you have a DEEP cut torwards the head of the key handle part that you put in that might be the problem there most of the time they break off because of a deep cut being in the first cut space and there is usally no ears to turn. the ignition on except to use the key which results in pressure being put on the weak point and in end your key breaks off. also where or how much of the key is breaking off on you. Don,

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