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steam cleaning engine

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09-15-02, 11:18 PM   #1  
steam cleaning engine

Can you give the cons on cleaning your car engine which the covered with dust and what not? What you recommend getting it done?

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09-16-02, 03:22 AM   #2  
Unless it is a show car or you are trying to find a leak, leave it alone.

You can damage sensors and cause trouble by introducing water and moisture to things not designed for it.

Really no benefit unless you are trying to do one of the two things mentioned above.

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09-16-02, 04:34 AM   #3  
I agree with Joe. As an owner of a "show" car, I clean the engine by hand. Get yourself a bag of red shop rags, and some elbow grease. Clean the large exposed surfaces, like the fenders firewall, valve covers, and battery cover. Use caution around the wires and hoses. This is also a good chance to inspect the condition of the belts, hoses and battery terminals.

You could also crawl underneath and clean the bottom of the engine and front suspension parts.

With a little time and effort, you'd be surprised how nice it comes out.

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09-21-02, 06:02 PM   #4  
Also, get yourself some small brushes like toothbrushes or paint brushes with the bristles cut short. They will help you get into tight spots where dirt likes to hide.
It can be a dirty process so you may want to wear rubber gloves too. I've found that the gloves also give some protection from the many sharp items under the hood that can scratch, gouge, slice and puncture your hands.
Take your time, try to do a good job and you should like the results, I do.

P.S. To help cut through some of the greasy dirt I'd wet a rag with a good grease-cutting household cleaner. This will not cause the problems associated with gross wetting of electrical parts.
Once you've done the job, it is easy to maintain by dusting occasionally with a damp rag.

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09-23-02, 07:30 AM   #5  
Just my 2 pennies--But I have been spraying down engines with simple green and tons of water for as long as I have owned cars--never had any problems--one exception--an '86 5.0 mustang would run rough for a day after--other than that no problems and I have owned dozens of cars of various manufacturers. I like to keep my engines clean--for when I have to work on them, for looks, and to prevent the heavy build up of sludge that can form over years of neglect. In fact I just sprayed down my '98 GMC this past weekend after some front end work, lube job, and oil change--I spilled a bunch of oil in the engine compartment, and to avoid the dirt build up sticking to the oil--I simple greened it--no problems!

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