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unlock button broken/pont montana

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09-17-02, 04:41 AM   #1  
unlock button broken/pont montana

1999 pontiac montana, driver side door lock switch not responding to unlock position but passenger side is, so i swaped the switches and the same thing, the drivers side isn't unlocking so i know it isn't the switch, just to be sure i shorted the power/lock posts and the doors locks locked, did the same for the unlock and nothing happened.

checked the voltage across the common post at the switch and the lock and unlock posts and have 12v at each, so the wire/connections are good, if the unlock wire was shorted to ground i would blow a fuse when i pressed the button. conclusion is that the driver side unlock relay isn't working, either the contacts are no good or the coil is stuck. but becaues of the keyless entry first unlocking the drivers side only on the first press and the entire vehicle on the second press i assume it isn't as simple as an old fashioned relay, there is some logic there, so it's probably some sort of cuircuit board.

am i right? where is it? and what does it look like? why do these vehicles have seperate inputs for the drivers/passenger side switches.

if it gets too involved/costly i may just run a few wires between each door and use the wiring on the passenger side jumped to the drivers door, disconnecting the original driver side altogether, but would obviously like to fix it right.

never as simple as it first apears is it?

thanks for any help

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09-17-02, 06:29 AM   #2  
You likely have a bad door lock actuator on the offending side. That would explain why it won't go up and down.

Running wires is a hokey idea and won't work. Test the actuator and replace it if bad.

In fact, GM should eat this repair, it's a 3 year old vehicle and should be covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Try that first.

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09-17-02, 11:12 AM   #3  
thanks for the reply,

i tried but i guess i failed and wasn't clear, sorry, all doors will lock and unlock using the passenger side switch or the fob including the drivers side door, the problem is the switch on the drivers side isn't responding when pressing unlock, none of the doors unlock so it's the switch circuit not the actuator or the switch itself.

unfortunately it is a 99 we purchased in 98 and it has 60000 miles, no warrenty.

thanks again.

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09-17-02, 03:02 PM   #4  
power door wont unlock,but will lock,from drivers switch only

I will try to make this easy.The most likely problem is the white wire that comes out of the door lock switch connector (marked with a D)is broken likely under the rubber boot between the door and pillar.It goes to the body control module to request door unlock.If they still do not unlock the BCM may be bad keep us posted.This also assumes your other checks as posted are accurate.

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