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Lightbulb Brake line

Being a grease monkey as a child, and not wanting to pay $60.00-$120.00 depending on how long someone else choses to take. I'd like information on how to replace a section of a brake-line. I do all my own maintenance, it can't be that difficult to cut out the bad and replace it. Can it? Crys
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You need the proper size tubing, a double flaring tool and a tubing bender.

Depending on the application, companies like Fine Lines, Inline Tube and Classic Tube have them already made up. On other applications, if you send them the old one, they will make an exact dup of the old one that's ready to go.

Best way.
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You can buy bulk tubing in lengths from 12" to 60" from any autoparts store.

Cut out the bad section, double flare the cut end of the existing tubing, bend & install the new tubing. Join the new & old sections of tubing with a steel union.

Most parts stores will rent you a tubing bender and double flare kit.

It's not as pretty as Joe's method, but it's much cheaper & faster.

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