smokey exaust


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smokey exaust

What causes excessice smoke out of exhaust pipe.I know burning oil or antifreeze and I heard on a car repair show on the radio that an faulty oxygen sensor can cause smokey exaust but what else can cause this?
My '94 ford aspire 80,000 miles smokes a little but the oil level doesn't go down and is the best car I had as far as the oil level staying up except a month ago I drove about 400 miles and when I got back home the oil level was down a quart and a half which surprised me because the level doesn't go down much when driving around the city which are short trips of no more than five miles.
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I would replace the pcv valve and hoses,if that doesn't correct the problem you most likely have worn rings.Or valve guides/seals.Sorry but a Ford Expire is likely worn out at this point.They are like early Volkswagons exspendable.
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First, what color is the smoke and what does it smell like?
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smokey exhaust

I don't know what color the smoke is because I don't see any smoke when the car is idleing and I walk to the rear of the car to look at the exaust.My neighbours tell me the car smokes a little when I am driving it.I will ask my neighbour next time
I see her about the color and post here the results.I let the car idle for a few minutes to let the oil rise up past the rings and then I pressed the gas pedal rigourously several times and then I rushed to the back of the car to see if there is any smoke but there no smoke.The spark plugs were changed a month ago and I removed a few days ago to read the plug color and they show some evidence of oil burning but not nearly as much as what is shown on a spark plug color diagnosis chart for oil burn.
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Pay attention to the color, smell and consistency (does it hang in the air a while). That is key to see what it is burning

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