Honda Accord Ex 1991 - Will not start intermittenly


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Unhappy Honda Accord Ex 1991 - Will not start intermittenly

I am having a problem with my 1991 Honda Accord Ex (171,000+miles). The car cranks over but won't start.

I believe that it is one of two things.

1) The fuel supply to my engine.
2) Distributor cap needs to be replaced.

I live in Florida and it happens most of the time when it is hot and muggy. It will go for months that I do not have a problem then all of a sudden it will happen a couple of days in a row. When I have a problem if I wait about fifteen minutes I will be able to get it started. It was recalled twice for the distributor and that is why I am leaning towards that but I had asked the (No) Service Depepartment about it a couple of times and gave up when they could not find any thing.

Any suggestions? I am not a mechanic but have done minor maintenance on cars (spark plugs, starters, brakes etc) but I am willing to learn.

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Start with the links and posts in my signature file.

Tell us whether you lack spark, fuel, both or neither. Take off the distributor cap. If the ignition rotor doesn't turn when you crank it over, the timing belt broke.

On many Hondas, that could mean curtains for the engine (bent valves).
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Check the EFI main relay. It's under the dash on the driver's side. Prone to cold solder joints on the relay's internal pc board. You can repair your existing relay if you're handy with a soldering iron. Pony up $50 or so for a new one if you're not.
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Thanks for the information.

I will check out the links on this website a little more.

I will look for the manuals (chilton) so that I can test for spark and/or fuel. The timing belt is fine. Last night I waited about 1 hour and 45 minutes and I got the car started. I tried about every half hour and the last time I tried was a charm...

I did some more checking and found another website. I believe that it is the Main relay. It has the same symptoms that I have experienced. I will let you guys know how it goes!

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