mitsubishi eclipse exhaust


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mitsubishi eclipse exhaust

I just bought a 92 Eclipse with a 2.0 liter DOHC (non turbo) for my teenage son, and noticed it idled badly. It seems to want to die, but doesn't. The tach just goes up and down. I replaced the plugs, and adjusted the idle control screw, but no change. I also noticed some cracks in the exhaust manifold. Temporarily I plugged the cracks with JB Weld, and it seemed to help. But not great. I priced a O2 sensor, they are pretty expensive for this particular car. Also, does this particular car have one of those timing belts that when they go, they ruin the engine? Thanks to anyone with suggestions.
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Check the Gates belt chart (on their website or in any parts store) to verify if it's a valve bender. Many Mitsubishi models are.

Pitch the manifold if it's cracked and replace it with a used piece. A new one is a king's ransom. This car is one collosal heap that will soak you fierce on parts and repairs...everything is expensive on it, and it's not well screwed together.

Adjusting the idle screw does nothing, the screw should not be touched . It's likely dirt in the throttle body, a vacuum leak or a bad idle air control valve.

You'll have to set the idle back to spec when it's all said and done.

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