Ford throttle body cleaner


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Bill Locke
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Ford throttle body cleaner

My ford dealer does not sell a throttle body cleaner unless you have them do it with their machine. (a throttle body washing machine?) Since I have been warned to use only a Ford approved cleaner due to the possible sensitive nature of my 1988 T-Bird 5.0 litre V8's throttle body coating, Im wondering if having the dealer do it is my only recourse. The dealer's parts guy actually suggested going to auto zone for the cleaner, but I have a feeling that I am going to get whatever is on the shelf. Anyone have any better ideas?
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i thought you already cleaned the throttle body on the vehicle if you did why would you want to have it cleaned again.
ford put a teflon coating on there throttle plate for some reason i dont know of any other manufacturer that does it and i wouldnt worry to much about it and usually just use regular carb cleaner when needed.
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Go to another dealer, that one is stupid.

I can remember buying this cleaner. It comes in an aerosol can. It was some time ago, but I'm sure it's still available.
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Bill Locke
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Thank you both. If other manufacturers use an uncoated throttle plate, then perhaps any damage that I might have done is minimal, or even inconsequential. The car is starting and running fine, both cold and warm. I will use the Ford spray for future cleanings if I can track it down.

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