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Advertisements within the forum topics is not allowed.

Kindly direct your advertisements to our advertisement department using the "receive advertising info" link provided below.

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This forum topic nor any other forum topic was intended to be a public bulletin board for the free posting of help want ads, advertisements and or product sales, services for hire, investment advice for sale, get rich quick pyramid and or business building schemes, requsts to buy products or hire services, etc.

Forums and there topics where intended to be used to exchange helpful problem solving methods and solutions to questions and not intended to be used as a public advertisement bulletin board

INAPPROPRIATE and or any UNFIT POSTINGS not relevent to the intent of this web site or any such postings deemed as such by the administrator or moderators will be EDITED OR DELETED. This applies to ALL forums on this web site. No exceptions.

Kindly direct your advertisements to our advertisement department using the "receive advertising info" link provided below.

If you object to this policy, I encourage you to contact the web sites administrator directly and state your objection.

To those whom have already read postings to this effect prior to my attending to the forum and agree with me on this matter, kindly except my apologies.

Note To All Moderators:
All moderators are required to edit, delete and or report postings containing the above.

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I like to have a little fun with such invididuals before closing them down .

Most times, their product has zero value or is not worth the bandwidth it consumes. In such case if it were worthy, people would know about it already.

Or, the company would know that advertising pays and simply just know that no advertising is generally "free" so they wouldn't even post it here!

Usually when you change their post around and play around with it they are gone for good.

In event, thanks Tom and Spam is spam.

No thank you ma'am .
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