85 ford ranger 2.0 timing issue


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85 ford ranger 2.0 timing issue

Hi all, I'm helping my father with his '85 Ford Ranger with a 2.0 4 banger under the hood. We are attempting to change the timing belt. There is no timing belt cover (which the manual refers to regarding the timing marks). The back of the timing cover is in place (where the timing marks are for the overhead cam). Our questions are:

Where do we find the timing mark for the intermediate camshaft (I think it's called. The one which runs the fuel pump and the distributor)? Also, there are 3 timing marks for the top overhead cam. The sprocket has one timing mark, but the spot where we are to line up that mark has 3 timing marks.

Now for the crank shaft..... where do we line up the key on the crank? We have been told to have this key point straight up, but there is a mark on the engine where it looks like it's supposed to be the line up spot (and it's not pointing straight up).

We have no idea how to line up the intermediate shaft. Is the mark for that only in the timing belt cover (which we don't have).

Thanks so much for any help!
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If the cover is missing, get one from a junkyard or order up a new one from Ford (if still available).

Hit your local library for a Chilton or Haynes manual. That should be enough to guide you.
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I think that's exactly what we are doing at this point: getting a cover from the junkyard. (Hopefully today.... I need the garage!)

We already have the Chiltons for the truck. It has a couple of microscopic pictures showing where to line up the crank and the OHC, but nothing showing where to line up the intermediate (it only says to 'line up the intermediate shaft timing marks' in the paragraph, but absolutely no refrence to it in the drawings.

"Oh Junkyard!"

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