Driver's side speaker, window don't work, Camry'93


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Driver's side speaker, window don't work, Camry'93

I've got a '93 Camry, V-6. The left speaker doesn't work. Also, in order for me to roll up the electric window, I have to pull up hard on the switch (and at a certain angle) for the window to go up. I thought it might be the wire running through the door (when you open up the door, it's visible between the door and the body of the car) from the constant opening and closing of the door, but if that were the case, the window would never work.

So, how do I safely pull off the plastic trim around the window swithes, without cracking it? If I need to remove the door panel, do I just pull on it?

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No, could still be pinched wires. Very common on this era Camry.

Have you tried another speaker to see if it works?
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If the window works if you "wiggle" the switch, then the switch is bad and needs to be replaced. There's is really no way to repair it. A bad wire will make the window work if you play with the door. Regarding the speaker, the best way would be take the door panel off and try another speaker first. If the new speaker is not working then check the wiring. The door panel is not difficult to remove, a cheap Chiltons book is more then enough.

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