89 Mustang Electrical Problem


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Question 89 Mustang Electrical Problem

89 Mustang 2.3 Litre does not show any electrical life when the key is turned. Battery has been tested as good. There is no amp draw with the key off or on. Have cleaned terminals, cables are OK. Replaced solenoid. Alternator is only a few months old and when the car was last shut down (about 4 days ago) the charge was perfect, by gauges not idiot lights. All filters, plugs, wires, and other components are new.

I have tested all the fuses in the fuse box, they are good. I also checked the routing of all cables under the hood and cable condition, they are fine.

I'm thinking that it should be the fusable link, but I am not able to locate it, and I do not know what value to replace it with.

Any help would be greatly appreciated at this point.
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Have you checked autolibrary.org below?
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Yes, I have followed that link and have also located a schematic for the electrical system. I have yet to determine the exact cause of the problem based on the information i have gathered so far. I am in the process of tracking down the four fusable links detailed in the schematic. the only problem with the schematic I located is that it does not say what the value is of the link, so that I can replace it with the correct guage.

The only other option I see at this point may be the ignition switch itself, or a wire leading to it. All of the other components I have tested so far have been good to go.

Thanks for the input.
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Still working on it

I've been at this from several angles now. I am reduced to actively tracing circuits one-by-one on this thing to figure out exactly where the break in the power supply occurs. if I get this figured out I will post the solution. If anyone has any other ideas about things to check, I'd appreciate it.

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Be sure and check your ignition switch and wiring connector at the switch. They were the ones envolved in a recall. they have a habit of melting and catching on fire.
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Look for a relay in that schematic. Professional Auto techs have the schematic on a computer disc that you can actually follow and find the links and relays on. Sometimes you just have to go to a Pro
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This was just wierd

With an impending hurricane in the Gulf, and the theft of my car cover, I decided to exert a little more effort in getting this beast some juice. I took my trusty little Prestone jumper, some solid copper wiring, and a few tools out to the car. I needed to at least get the windows up before Mother Nature turned this car into a redneck hottub.

I take the master control unit for the windows out of the drivers door, and jump it using the copper and Prestone jumpstarter. Of course, this just sent a nice surge through the system, and a shower of sparks into the driveway. Well, I decided that maybe this was a little to much juice all at once for the system. The funny thing is, I noticed that I now had power at the dash. I hit my flashers and they came on! I flipped the flashers back off and turned the key to the run position. Power!! !! I attempted to start the car, and she turned, but didn't catch on the first try. I flipped the key back and when I tried again, no power!!!!!!!

Fortunately, the storm missed us, and I'm still working on this.
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It's Alive!! Alive!! Ah-hahahahahaha

Finally! Got it running again. Started from scratch, pulled the cables, the cable ends, the solenoid, tracked down every fuse link, even the ones that didn't show up on the schematic. Punched some holes in a few wires with straight pins to run continuity tests with out having to pull everything out of the harness. Nothing seemed amiss.
So, I put it all back together again, in the same, correct fashion that I had removed it. Wonder of wonders! The bugger has power! And then it started raining.

Well, at least I got the windows up now, and she is running fine.

Thanks for the help guys.

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