Do I have a bad starter?


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Question Do I have a bad starter?

Yesterday I removed my starter because I wasn't getting any action at all when I tried to start my car. I know the battery I have is good. Anyway, a friend of mine showed me how to test the starter by "jumping" it with a good battery. We did that and the starter seemed fine. The starter motor started just fine when we tested it. I replaced the starter and my car started up just fine with a jump. I let it run for around 10 minutes, turned it off and started it back up. I though it was good to go. I waited two days and tried starting it again. This time I got nothing. If the starter is good, and the battery is good, what could be wrong? I have a '93 Nissan Presea (I am in the USMC stationed in Okinawa, Japan). I am by no means a car repair guru, so any help I can get on this would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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To begin with, make sure you do in fact have a good battery, they can be deceptive. If the starter solenoid is a seperate unit on that model (mounted between the battery and the starter), that would be a possibility. Other thing to try would be new battery cables; in your tropical location (been there), things are somewhat more prone to corrosion. Also, the starter could still be bad. Making it run laying on the ground with no load is somewhat different than being in the car and needing the torque to turn over the engine.

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Verify all the connections as being good.

When the trouble happens again, rap on the starter with a hammer. If the vehicle starts, bad starter. Replace it.
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