was new clutch installed?Why so few turns left on adjustor


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was new clutch installed?Why so few turns left on adjustor

I bought a new clutch at auto parts and went to a garage and left the new clutch there for instalation. I came back the next day and test drove the car and it seemed the new clutch was put in because when I depressed the clutch pedal several times during the test drive ,the pedal spring felt like that of a new clutch.I opened the hood and looked at the cable adjusting nut and noticed there was only about half an inch on the threaded rod left to adjust and about two and a half inches on the rod before the nut as if the clutch was 3/4 worn.Was my clutch changed? I was not there when he changed it and the clutch was brand new in its box which might be tempting for the mechanic to sell elsewhere and install an old worn clutch he might find in the shop and he might have greased the clutch cable after installing an old clutch just to give the springness on the pedal some life to fool me into thinking that he put a new clutch in.After a new clutch is installed shouldn't there be full nut adjustment left on the cable rod like when the car was new instead of one quarter of the threaded rod left to adjust.The mechanic told me that there are many things that can reduce the adjustable rod length left for adjustment such as worn parts because my car is an 94 ford Aspire.
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Did you ask to see the old parts? If he still has them, make him show you. Put him on the defensive a little.

That being said, get the clutch warranty in writing. If there are problems later on, you'll have recourse.

With that being said, be forewarned that not many shops like to install customer supplied parts and may cut corners in the process. You are eating into their profit (they make money on the parts and labor).
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You paid to get the clutch done, so obviously it was bad to begin with...right? How does it feel now? If it feels good, don't sweat it, just get a written warranty like Joe suggests. Not alot you can do now.
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so few turns on adjustor rod

He showed me the old clutch which he then threw in the trash barrel outside but it looked like the the one from my car when comparing it to the new one he supposedly put in and I paid cash 200 dollars for the job ,no receipt because taxes would have to be charged if a receipt was made.Taxes would be another 16 percent up here in canada so a lot of work is done under the table but my original question was why are there only 1/2 inch of adjustor space left on the threaded rod where the adjustor nut is on the cable attached to the clutch lever inside the engine compartment and about 2 1/2 inches on the other side of the rod as if 2 1/2 inches was already used up as clutch wear.Usually when a clutch is changed the whole adjustor rod is avaible for the cable nut to adjust on.
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Perhaps the cable is stretched,that would be my first thought.If you don't trust the person who did the work why would you go there?
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I agree with Davo.

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