2000 Mits Galant brakes


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2000 Mits Galant brakes

I bought this car used with about 16000 miles a year ago. Every 4000-6000 miles the steering wheel and basically the entire car begins to shake when you apply the brakes. I took the rotors off the front and took them down and had the turned and the problems went away the first time it began. It then came back after a while and i again had the rotors turned. This happened about 3 times and then I bought new rotors. NOw the same problem is back. Needless to say this is very , VERY frustrating and I have no idea what could be causing it. I am about to take these rotors off and have them turned but I would like to know where to start in finding the problem.

Just FYI my wife drives about 45 miles a day to work and the car has about 55000 miles on it and its a 4 cyl.

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What brand of rotors did you buy?

If you didn't buy good US or Canadian made aftermarket or the OEM replacements, your problem is there. Offshore stuff warps in a jiffy.
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i dont remember. I bought them from Napa.

Even the factory Mits rotors did the same thing though until I had turned them so many times I just decided to buy new ones.
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Makes a difference. Even Mitsubishi has likely revised/upgraded the parts since the originals.

Offshore made units are known to be warped out of the box.
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For best results rotors should be turned with an "on car lathe"

Use the proper loosening and tightening torque sequence.

Mitsu will not pay a dealer for warranty brake shudder repair unless an on car lathe is used.


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