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car hesitating

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09-26-02, 08:35 AM   #1  
just chuck
car hesitating

I have a 1998 Mazda 626 lx 4-cylinder. It hesitates badly when excelorating. I think it might be clogged fuel injection system, but not sure. If you know what it is, please reply on what it is and how I can fix it.


Chuck G.

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09-26-02, 09:37 AM   #2  
May not be fuel and could be just about anything.

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09-26-02, 01:37 PM   #3  
it happened to me a little while ago

If the car surges while you are cruising then it is the gas filter.Just remove the gas filter but be careful to block the inlet and outlet of the filter with your fingers and when you are near a pail,just tilt the filter so the gas runs out of the outlet into the pail.If it runs out in a steady stream then the filter is ok but let the stream run out in a long stream like hold it from the pail three feet to get a good look at the stream.I saw a mechanic do this to check my filter once.

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09-26-02, 04:38 PM   #4  
be careful with gasoline if you are not used to it. Uscrew the gas cap to release pressure first. Blocking the line with your fingers might not be the wisest thing though, most gas filters on newer vehicles are underneith near the gas tank. In this case, you will be lying on your back, the gas could go down your arm, onto your clothes...etc, you get the picture.

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09-29-02, 03:31 PM   #5  
My 1991 Blazer was hesitating as yours is. I found out that two of my spark plug wires had very small gashes in them, and the electricity was jumping from the spark plug wires to a vacuum hose for the 4 wheel drive. To check this, run your engine at night(so it is as dark as possible) and see if you can see a spark jumping wires somewhere.

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09-30-02, 11:00 PM   #6  
Generally, a fuel filter won't make it hesitate on acceleration from idle. It will show up when the engine gets to higher RPMs or accelerate for a second, then bog. If it is hesitating when you hit the gas from idle, then you could have a number of different problems. One common culprit is a bad TPS. Another is the MAF (if equipped). Have you checked for stored codes?

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