Cummins diesel and Truecraft tools?


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Cummins diesel and Truecraft tools?

Hello, someone told me Truecraft brand tools are made by Cummins diesel engine company is this true? Thank you for your replies.
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To my knowledge, TrueCraft was part of Daido America and they are out of business.

Here in the Northeast, we had Pergament Home Centers which went belly up about 2 years ago. They had TrueCraft.

My coworker and I bought out almost the ENTIRE department of their stuff . We got impact sockets, extensions and the like for $1.00 each, brand new!

Their stuff was made both here and in Japan and is about the same quality as Craftsman products.

Rumor had it that Daido (also made the Easco brand at one time I believe) was making the Craftsman handtools, but in actuality it is KD, which is part of Danaher Corporation (they own Armstrong and other companies).
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Pep Boys used to carry TrueCraft. I have a few oddball TrueCraft wrenches & sockets and one 1/4" drive ratchet that I picked up on road calls over the years. The ratchet is nice, but the wrenches & sockets aren't even close to Craftsman in quality.

The 'Boys dumped TrueCraft a few years ago in favor of Stanley tools.
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Stanley supplies the Home Depot line of Husky hand tools.

The American made ones (I have them) are fine, Craftsman quality.

However, most of it has been exported to Taiwan and is collosal junk.

As for Truecraft, I have some of their stuff. Fine for the home DIY user. Again, out of business now.
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FYI Danaher also owns Matco ToolsI know because I worked for them.
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As well as Armstrong (commercial brand) as well as K-D.

Many of the automotive specialty tools in the Craftsman line are K-D. In fact, the Craftsman lock plate puller tool I have is a dead ringer for the K-D with a different logo.

I had e-mailed KD a while ago and they did confirm that they supply Sears. I believe it says so on their website too.

Seems like a decent company overall.

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