car stalls after 15min. of driving


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car stalls after 15min. of driving

I have an '86 Cavalier Z24. After I have been driving for a little while the oil pressure gauge starts fluctuating until finally the oil light comes on and there is very little pressure. Once I stop, the car stalls. It goes again after 15 minutes of being parked. The temp. gauge is at a normal level. Any thoughts as to what it could be would be appreciated.
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you should have your oil pressure checked to make sure it is within spec, you may have a bad sending unit causing oil light to come on and may also be losing power to the fuel pump on alot of models it was designed so if you lost oil pressure the engine would die so you would do less damage to the engine.
once it dies it wont restart for 15 minutes as in the engine wont run?
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I agree with BeJay. I'd pitch the OPS. Only a couple of bucks at any parts store.
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86 cav. died

Had one of those and did everything to it. Even the computer! If someone tells you to replace the computer, look first under the distributor cap, if there is oil--replace the distributor instead of the computer. Cost a whole lot less!!
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True, but I believe a 2.8W engine in this year Cavalier (what the Z24 would have) is distributorless...hence no distributor or cap and rotor .

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