thanks for replying Joe F


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thanks for replying Joe F

Car runs good but body has a lot of rust and someone is going to buy it next spring for parts and I don't have any money for labor cost repairs.I do my own brakes,plugs'wires,filters type replacements,but I don't know anything about steer.+ suspension i'm mainly concerned about the safety factor at point of theoretical breakdown of cv joint while driving,would i lose control of steering? As far as the water leak since i haven't been using the air-cond. it has to be codensation and it's leaking from some point in the front portion of the exhaust system not necesarily form the manifold,my mistake in original description and i am confused how a water leak would turn into a carbon mon oxide leak/
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Please use the reply button to keep the posts continuous, do not start a new topic.

Exhaust leaks=potential carbon monoxide into the vehicle. This is deadly. No matter where in the system they are.

If you don't want to invest the money in the vehicle, pitch it now. It's dangerous to drive with an exhaust leak.

Again, vehicle sounds pretty rough. Time to put it out to pasture.

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