carb problem


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carb problem

hi wife has a 1982 Mercury Cougar Station Wagon with 3liter slant 6 here is the problem. The car will start but willnot idle as soon as you let your fot off the pedal will stall,also after you shut it off there is gas all over the place around the carb. I have checked the timing it is fine ,check for loose mounts on carb as well. At first thought it had jumped timing, really dont know what too check n ow. Any help will be appreciated thanks justdoit529 (john)
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Sounds like you need to rebuild the carb. Your float may be bad or out of adjustment or the needle and seat may be bad. I'll bet when it doesnt idle right that your exhaust smoke is black and if you remove your spark plugs they are probably fouled with excess gas.
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I agree with Steve. I would also check the nuts where the fuel line is connected to the carb. in case they are stripped, which would in turn cause the gas leak.
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Start with the basics, including a full tuneup and carburetor rebuild, as it sounds very tired.

Check all the vacuum lines closely, they are likely all cracked at this age.

Be very careful about sticking money in an old Ford heap like's good money after bad. These era Fords are among their worst and not worth bus fare .
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Im not sure of your car(year)but if its a variable venturi carb don't attempt to rebuild it yourself.Those carbs in a word suck.Special tools are needed to do it properly.They are unlike any other carb on the planet.Hopefully you don't have one.
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Correct, and the VV was used in 1982. It is a terrible carburetor, based loosely on the Holley 2150, another collosal bomb.

As we are alluding to, be careful about spending money on an old Ford like this. It will become an endless money pit.

By the way, it's a 3.3 liter (200 straight six) in this vehicle. The slant 6 is a Chrysler engine (so named because of the angle of it).

The slant six is light years ahead of any Ford straight six, even with all the crudeness the slant six brings to the table.
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Ford made a cougar station wagon?
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Yes, I believe they did.

It's that Fairmont/Zephyr platform that started in 1978 (Fairmont and Zephyr) and ended in 1983 (LTD compact/Marquis Compact).

A collosal bomb typical of Ford of this era no matter how you slice it.
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