Where is the Self Test port?


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Where is the Self Test port?

Ford T-bird 1994 V8 4.6L

Check engine light stays on;

Went to several Autozone as we all know; they couldn't get the codes because its pre-96; they didn't have the scanner for it;

So, I;d like to jumper the self test Input with STO connector #2, right?

well, can someone tell me where I can find these things??
I do see one single connector sitting there under the hood on the driver-side rear corner...and no obvious indications of what it is.
and nothing labeled self test nor EEC
thanks again.
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Go back to them, they aren't too knowledgable

The test port to my recollection should be the same as any Ford of this era, in the engine compartment on the right side and it says "EEC TEST" if the original cover is still there.

See the batauto.com link below for some ideas as well. Tell us what they now find.

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