Floor repair in 85 S10 Pickup


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Floor repair in 85 S10 Pickup

I am repairing the rusted out floor in my 85 Chevy S10 and wonder if someone can give me some pointers. There is a long 1-2" wide open strip up the middle of the driver's side and lots of flaked rust that I wired brushed out. Now I plan to repair the brushed floor, filling it with fiberglass. I can also add some galvanized or aluminum sheet metal if it would be best.

I'd like some tips.

My plan is:
1. simply to run my drill with wire brush and get the most rust out that I can.
Q1: is this necessary? or is just getting the flakes out enough? Should I put some kind of treatment on the remaining rusted metal before fiberglassing?

2. Next I will patch the few periphal holes with fiberglass (there are 2-4 of them).

3.Then I will patch the big hole with one full sheet of glass cloth and lots of resin.
Q2: Would it be better to use sheet metal before the fiberglass to cover the hole? Does it need to be riveted in?

Q3: Once one layer of fiberglass is in, do I need a second?

4. Replace the pad and rubber cover over the repaired floor.
Q4: Where can I get some new padding? Some of the padding was soaked.

5. Drive it again.
Q5: Any other tips?

(I did a lot of fiberglass work on the holes in the doors and bed and it worked great. So I am assuming this will also be a relative no-brainer. Am I missing anything? )

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Absolutely not.

The floor houses the seat belt anchoring points and is ESSENTIAL in the crash structure of any vehicle.

No fooling around here. Have the old metal cut out and new metal welded in and rust proofed. Your life could depend on it in an accident.

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