1997 S-10 Blazer Dont know whats wrong!


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1997 S-10 Blazer Dont know whats wrong!

My 1997 Blazer Lt is having problems with the wipers working. The front and back wiper pretty much works when it wants to. I have noticed the ONLY time the wipers are not working is when its raining, so Im thinking because of them getting wet they dont work, but I dont know really whats happening here. I told a machanic of my problem and he thought maybe it was the alternater, but he checked it and said my alternater was fine and I should replace my battery, which I did that day and thought it was fixed and everything was fine but one night when it was raining I used my front wipers and they worked but then when I let my truck sit out in the rain and went to go somewhere 2 hours later they didnt work at all, and made a raarrrr sound like it was dying. Now tonight when it was raining the wipers worked but only very slow, they worked normally after I had the wipers on full blast, but the back ones didnt work until after I was in my garage and turned my truck off for about 2 minutes. Did both of my wiper motors go out? is there something else wrong? please anyone I need your help
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Next time it happens, try to rap on the motor with a rubber mallet. If they come back to life, a bad motor, or a loose ground.

The mechanic should have done an alternator output test, but sounds like he's clueless. If the wipers don't work AT ALL, that is a wiper problem more than an alternator problem.

If the alternator's bad, the rest of the accessories would also drag (fan, radio, lights, etc).

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