Rattle in 1995 GMC Vandura


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Question Rattle in 1995 GMC Vandura

When I start my 1995 GMC Vandura w/350 there is a metallic rattling sound from underneath the van. The rattling is not continous and does not get louder when the engine is reved up. It kind of sounds like its coming from the area around the catalytic converter and muffler. I thought it might be the muffler so I replaced it. The shop said that the muffler was rattling, but even after the muffler was replaced the rattling continues. The rattling seems to only occur at idle or slight acceleration. Once the van heats up the rattling goes away. Anyone have any ideas?
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good chance it is exhaust system related from the sounds of it but if it goes away as the engine warms up you may have to leave it at the exhaust shop for awhile so they can hear it and track it down,
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With the engine stone cold and not running, tap on the converter with a fisted hand.

If you hear rattling around in there, then you've found your culprit...the converter is wiped.

However, find the cause of it (engine is running too rich) and then replace it.

Also check the heat shields for looseness as well.
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Cool Thanks

Thanks for the advice. I will try banging on the converter with my fist to see if it rattles. Is the heat shield you mentioned the one that surrounds the converter? What would cause the engine to run rich?
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Two different issues.

A rattling heat shield would be the easy fix. If the converter is busted up, there is something wrong with the engine that caused it to break up.

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