1995 Windstar Running Lean


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1995 Windstar Running Lean

We have a 1995 Ford Windstar with 3.8. The check engine light came on so I went to Auto Zone. The computer came up with a trouble code that indicated both banks are running lean.. Where can I start to try to fix this?? Would a can of Berrymans do it or are there adjustments that can be done.

Thank you for the help you have given in the past.

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mean lean is a fiend

change gas filter or check the filter as per one of my postings recently.'95 is about time to do so.get a Haynes manual and read up on other fixes.
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Could be anything from dead O2 sensors, to wacked off timing or other sensors out of range causing the computer to try to compensate.

No, adding that goo won't solve your problem. No fix in a can.
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use that can of berrymans to clean your maf sensor, check for vacum leaks, check fuel pressure to see if its at spec and as stated before change your fuel filter if not done recently.

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