Remanufacterd Engines


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Remanufacterd Engines

I am going to have a engine put in our 1985 Suburban and would love to know the big difference in price from what I have looked at. I need a long block and the prices are from 795.00 to over 1600.00. Is there a brand to go with or stay away from?
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I prefer Jasper engines very high quality parts and machining plus warranty.They also offer an installation kits which will have filters, hoses, belts,plugs etc.Everything needed to do a complete job.They will be on the high side in price,but you have to pay for quality.
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Jasper is good, or ATK North America is fine too.

GM Goodwrench's are the best and should include the latest updates, techniques and parts in the reubuild.

The original engine can also be rebuilt by a competent mechanic as well.
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800 to 1600 for a long block? I could'nt do it myself for--maybe half--ass for 1600. GM crate motors are great but pricey. Is it a big block or small block?--is the truck worth putting this kind of $ into? I have had good success with dropping in used motors if you can get them from a reputible source. Why do you need a long block? I have paid good $ to have two diff. 400's rebuilt at two diff. shops in the past--and have not been happy with either.
Depending on your tools/space/time--I would pay to have the machine work done as needed and assemble myself. Or if you can get that long block ($800) with some sort of warrenty--go for it!
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GM Crate Engines are pricey? Not around here. A BRAND NEW standard '79-'85 low perf. Goodwrench 350 sells for about $1100-$1300 & comes with a 3 year/ 50K parts & labor warranty.

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