battery light came on 89delta 88,carstill runs good


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Angry battery light came on 89delta 88,carstill runs good

whild driving my delta 88 the battery light came on and stayed on till home 22 miles and car did not quit, running good no other problems, husband checked battery cables and they are tight but the alternator feels hot, the car still starts good even after shuttung off for awhile and wondering if its the alternator or the battery which is 2 yrs old and not been giving me any problems as of late, disconected the cable while running and it did not keep running, is this because it cant run off the alternator as we have seen before, and is only running on the current stored in the battery. help!!!!
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Have your alternator tested.Diconnecting your battery cable with the engine running can fry a good alternator by the way.Not likely the battery but have it chacked also.Autozone offers free checks on those items.I'm betting on the alternator,I drove 150 miles with no alternator belt on my truck and made it home,didn't need charge to restert after belt replacement either.
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Yes, have your alternator checked. I reccomend staying away from discount store alternators. So many are junk...right out of the box. And even if they do work, they probably won't for long. Maybe just longer than the warranty. I'd bet you have a bad diode trio. When this goes, it can possibly continue to charge, but not correctly. If you are a handy type of person, you can rebuild this alternator yourself for a heap less than buying another.

Let us know what you find!
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Likely a bad alternator....replace it with a Delco reman unit for best results.

Rebuilding them on your own is not recommended unless you have the tools, parts and know how to do it right. More trouble than R&R of the alternator with a rebuilt for the average DIY person.

As mentioned, removing the cable with the engine running is a sure fire way to wipe out the diodes. Use a multimeter to check output instead....removing the cable isn't a valid test anyhow.
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Thumbs up thanks for the info on delta 88 battery light problems

we have replaced the alternator and thanks to your advice we will not disconnect the cable and test next time. we were lucky this time and it did no damage to the diodes.

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