Rough idle


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Rough idle

We have a 1991 Buick Skylark.It has a 3.3 liter engine.It is idling a alittle rough and has died a few times while my wife was driving. I have changed spark plugs and wires. I also changed fuel filter underneath car and added injector cleaner to fuel tank. The injectors seem to sound a little noisy but what could I possibly check next or what could be the problem?
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How many miles on this car?I don't believe you are hearing injectors because I use a stethoscope to listen to them.Maybe you are hearing lifter or rocker arm noise.If you think its noisy I would have oil pressure checked when it's noisy,even if the light doesn't come on,you may have low oil pressure causing the noise and rough idle.The rough idle and stalling may be unrelated to the noise.What is your fuel pressure?
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It's possible for it to be bad but they usually set a code for the o2 or a fuel related code.Ie rich code or lean code fuel pressure can affect codes so you need to know if it is in specs first.The o2 sensor will not cause any noise of any type.Does it make noise all the time or after it's warm?In the case of codes the ses or check engine light should come on.

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